Thursday, August 5, 2010

Answered Prayers

Have you ever prayed for something so hard in your life, that if it would be possible you'd knock at the gates of heaven to talk to God face to face? When I was reviewing for the board exams, I was anxious about what the outcome would be. Comparing myself with other reviewees, I felt I was at the losing end. Imagine starting to study a month before the examinations?! I would often ask myself, I'm I doing the right thing? But you see, I'm a mother with two kids, and my husbands salary won't be enough to support us, so I really need to pass the boards to earn my license and start my residency training. All I had in mind was to really study hard and pray even harder!!

If there's one thing I'm really thankful for, is that God has blessed me with a family who has always been there to support me. While reviewing for the boards, I left my two kids with my parents, and I did'nt have to worry because I know they were in good hands. I guess what's left of me to do is give my share of the bargain.
For the previous board exams i took, i'd stay with my husband in a rented place and just read inside the room. But for this particular exam, I wanted to do some minor changes. I decided to stay with my friends who were also reviewing, and so I'd get to see my husband only when he's not on 24 hours duty and we would just eat together and after that I'd isolate myself and read and read again. I also decided to go to a study center, it's just like a library where you'd get to study but it's not for free so you'd have to pay either on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. Everyday was a routine for me, church, study center and back to the dorm. Then a friend told me to go see a person who helps people like me through prayers. He is known as a prayer warrior at Sto. Rosario church. When i met him, i thought that i'd just write my name on a piece of paper, hand it to him and ask him to pray for me for the coming board exams. But it was not that easy... he told me to do a couple of things, pray the rosary everyday at the adoration chapel, go on a pilgrimage and visit 9 different churches, and the most important church was the church of the Marian Monks at Upper Lindogon, Simala.

My life started to change from that moment. By going to church everyday and praying the rosary, i had a deeper understanding of what praying meant. It was not asking God for something, praying is talking to God, sharing your thoughts, your fears, your worries... surrendering yourself to HIM, and trusting HIM. I also prayed the rosary to Mama Mary as a sign of my devotion to her and hoping that through Her divine intercession I would be able to make it. I also visited a couple of churches and prayed to God for guidance on my review, I also prayed to the Holy Spirit for wisdom. I offered myself to God in total surrender, telling HIm that I put my life in His hands... promising to do my very best and the rest is up to Him.
Two days before the exam, a friend and I visited a church located in the South of Cebu, it was run by the Marian Monks of the Eucharistic Adoration. People visit the church because of the miracles of Mama Mary that happened in that place. Written testimonies of those who received favors from Mama Mary was also displayed at the side of the church. I felt goosebumps upon entering the Holy Place, and i felt so happy and at peace to be there. It was said that Mama Mary shed tears and it was witnessed by a lot of people. The veil that was used to wipe the tears of Mama Mary was displayed in front of her crying image, and when i knelt in front of Her image, wearing the veil, i cried to Her and prayed for a miracle. I believe that only a miracle could help me. I promised Mama Mary that I would come back to see her once again, and share this beautiful experience with others.
And know here I am, writing this blog... with a smile on my face and my heart ready to explode with so much happiness and gratitude for at last I passed the exams. I am know a DOCTOR and it is indeed a Miracle!! I am one of the millions of people who have received God's favor through the divine intercession of Mama Mary!

The exam is over, I am now entering a new phase in my life. As a Doctor I am faced with bigger responsibilities. But I'll never stop praying to God and to Mama Mary for guidance in everything that I do. I encourage everyone to pray the rosary to obtain the 15 promises of Mama Mary. I hope that by sharing my personal experience, I would be able to bring others closer to God and also to Mama Mary. In this present time of modern technology, may we never forget to ask ourselves why we are here... God has plans for all of us... may you be able to see the purpose why God created you. Live life by example, live life with a purpose, and that is to show your love for God by being a blessing to others. God Bless!

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