Friday, August 20, 2010

Going Home...

Today I woke up feeling happier than usual.  Maybe because this weekend, the kids and I would be spending the time over at my parents place.  Going home always keeps me excited.  the last time I visited was 4 months back.  Even the kids were excited when I told them we were going on a trip.  Whenever they hear the word "boat" they would associate it with going home to our place.  A plane ride would have been better, sadly it's more expensive.  Good thing some airlines offer great promo fares every now and then, and we were able to purchase a plane ticket for October.  Again, another trip back home I would be looking forward to.

  This trip could not have come at a better time.  The past few days have been quite stressful and I really need to go home.  I remember a movie I saw, a father was telling her daughter that a starfish is capable of healing ones self, but to do that, the starfish must first go home.  It's funny,  now I am comparing myself to a starfish, because I feel that I am wounded and i need to go home and heal myself.

   Funny but true.  When I am at home I feel safe, it's as if i don't need to worry about anything because my parents are there to take care of us.  It's really hard to leave the comforts of our home, but eventually we all must come out of our shell and face whatever it is that the world has to offer.  But even if I am now living away from my family and I am trying to build a home for my kids and husband, it's always good to know that I could always "go home" whenever I feel that I need to.

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