Friday, August 27, 2010

My Family

I've read from a book that even before we were born, God has already chosen our family for us. If that were true, then I would say that I am truly blessed to belong to the family that I've known now. I want to introduce you to my family...

Let us first start with the head of the family. I would proudly describe Papa to be the "perfect" father. Being the sole breadwinner in the family, he has worked so hard to provide us with only the best. Whenever we would ask for something, he would really try to give it to us. Of course there's a downside to it, since my brothers and I tend to depend on him to provide us with everything, but of course in time we learn that we have to stand up on our own too.

Papa rarely gets mad at us. Whenever we do something wrong, he just talks to us calmly and rarely raises his voice. He is patient with all of us. He was always there for me, even when I got married and had kids of my own, he would still support me in all of my endeavors, I wouldn't have survived reviewing for the board exams had he not supported me morally and financially. Even now that both me and my husband are working, i still run to him sometimes whenever I need help. I thank God for Papa, because without him, life would be different... and difficult too I guess. He would always want things to be easier for us, in a way spoiling us a bit.

Papa is the "BEST", he's like a friend to us, and he has a great sense of humor too. My kids adore him so much, Andre loves to snuggle next to him when they watch TV. Papa is a gentle human being, with a very big heart not just to his family but to everyone who knows him.

Next in line is Mama. I am a carbon-copy of Mama. My friends would tell me that if I want to see how I would look when I'm older, I would just look at Mama. She's the one responsible for keeping the home in order. She takes good care of everyone, she cooks for us and makes sure that we eat on time and have everything that we need. I'm proud to say that she is an excellent cook, and I always look forward to eating together with the family because it's like dining out at a restaurant! The dining table is a bonding area for the family, aside from sharing good food, we share about what's happening in our lives.

During my younger years, it was Mama I remember who was the disciplinarian. She would get mad if you don't do things correctly,but her anger does not last very long. Mama is a very strong person, and would defend her loved-ones and stand by them no matter what. One thing I love about mama is that she sees to it that we are well provided with our needs. She nurtures us not just with our emotional needs but also when it comes to our material needs. She buys me clothes, shoes and other stuff, and she even buys things for my kids. Even now that we are away from them, she would send money to buy things for Andre and Micah. Yes she may be tough sometimes, but that is who she is, she doesn't pretend to be someone she's not. 

I love her dearly for taking good care of us and also for taking good care of my kids. Even if I'm away, with mama around, I know Andre and Micah are in good hands.

I have 3 younger brothers, but let me start with the first two. Cocoy and Lucky.

They hangout together most of the time, they have the same set of friends, they used to sleep on the same big room, but since they moved to a new house, they each got rooms of their own. Both are good looking, talented in their own way, one is a balladeer and the other a rock star, they both enjoy sleeping late, both are DOTA fanatics, (I'm not sure if even until now, since Cocoy is working and Lucky is in Law school).. and so many similarities that are too many to mention. 

They seem to be alike, yet different in so many ways. Cocoy is the happy go lucky type, funny, grumpy sometimes when things are in disarray. Lucky is the serious type, silent but deep, obsessed with being clean all the time, imagine taking a bath 3x a day?! Anyway, they are both good uncles to Andre and Micah.

Then there's Miko our youngest. I can't believe that he's already in highschool. It seemed just like yesterday when he was still a little boy. Being the youngest in the family, i thought he was not prepared to be an uncle yet, but when I was pregnant with Andre he would always ask me when the baby was coming. And when Andre arrived, he was excited and declared he was not an uncle instead he would say that they we're twins! They were playmates and would often fight for the same toys, and Miko would sometimes end up giving up his toy for Andre. When Micah came, now he wanted to be uncle miko. He would love to kiss Micah, play with her and make funny faces until Micah would let out a squeal of joy.

As a sister, I don't think that I'm the strict type, I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not, but I let them be, especially when it came to my two younger brothers. Of course there are times when I'd give them advices, especially now that we are older. But I know they are intelligent, maybe right now they still want to have fun and enjoy being young. But I hope they'd also realize that we're not getting any younger and would eventually come out of our comfort zone soon. Maybe like me, they are afraid of what lies ahead. But there would come a time when we'd have to spread our wings and fly on our own. 

I guess that's the reason why God gave us parents, to nurture us, teach us, and prepare us for the life ahead when we leave the shelter of our home.

As a daughter, I'm not perfect, I know that I disappointed them in the past, but I hope that I made up for all my mistakes along the way. I hope that I made them proud when I passed the board exams and became a doctor. I hope that I continue to make them proud in everything that I do, especially when it comes to being a mother to my kids. I am who I am now because I know my parents raised me well.

This is my family. These words are not enough to describe how truly blessed and lucky I am to belong to this Family. This is a simple way of saying "Thank You" to my parents and my brothers for everything. I now am married,with two kids, but I'm not embarrassed to admit that I still run to them for help and advice. No matter how much I badly want to stand on my own, I still need their help once in awhile. My friends would say I'm lucky to have my parents who are ready to support and help us no matter what, I would tell them that it's not sheer luck, It's a blessing and a gift from God!

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