Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Confessions of a Grocery-holic?

If women who love to shop are called shopaholics, what do you call those who love going to the grocery? Grocery-holics?  Is there even such a word?  Who cares anyway, as long as it would describe the excitement of being inside a grocery store.  I'm a confessed Grocery-holic, and proud of it!

 When did this all start?  I guess this started way back childhood.  I guess being in a grocery store brings back memories for me, because this was one thing both Mama and I did together.  Whenever she would go to the grocery I was always her assistant, pushing the shopping cart was my task.  And my reward?  I'd get to pick out something I like, candies and junk food when I was younger. Then when I got older,  colognes, personal choice of shampoo, lotion or anything that caught my fancy.  It was really fun, up until I reached college, I would still volunteer to go with her to the grocery store.  I enjoy going to the grocery, it may sound funny to others, but that is the truth.  When I started to do my own grocery, meaning spending my own money to buy grocery for the house, it was exciting, to the point that I was buying things that were not really necessary, and I would always exceed my budget.  But I now I am proud to say that I have started to be a wise shopper.  Before I go to the grocery, I would list down things that I need to buy and mentally calculate that I don't go beyond budget.

So today, I went to the grocery and my first stop was the wet market, I bought a kilo of pork and one whole chicken,  Still thinking what I'm gonna do with those, but for sure the chicken is going to be fried as per my son's request.  I picked out the vegetable I would be cooking for today.  As i passed by the fruit section, I decided to take a photo of the apples on display, all red and juicy, then there were those green ones too, but no fruit on my list for today since we still had bananas at home.

Next stop, condiments, grabbed a pack of vinegar and soy sauce.  I just buy the refills since I still have the bottles at home, that is one way of saving,  A kilo of sugar, cooking oil and breading mix for the chicken.  A carton of milk for Andre and Yakult.  Next toiletries section, and then grabbed a pack of diapers.  Next stop, something to munch on while watching TV, I stopped by a shelf full of Pringles, I was so tempted to get one, but I settled for Marty's vegetable chip instead, healthier and less expensive, LOL!!

Well, I think I have got everything on my list covered.  My grocery cart is half full and I'm heading to the counter to pay for all these stuff.  I had a wonderful time, and I can't wait for my next trip to the grocery.  I feel contented and happy as a kid.

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