Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Doctor in a Software Company..

     What are you dong in a software company?  That is the follow up question I would get whenever friends or relatives ask me where i am currently working.  I am a doctor by profession, but for the last 20 months I have been working as an EMR physician in a medical software company.  

     But before I got this job, I was a pre-resident in a private hospital under the residency training program for Internal Medicine.  Although the resident doctors were all very nice, the toxicity level of going on 24 hours duty, coming to work early and going home late was just too much for me.  I could not handle taking care of sick people, while one of my kids is at home running a fever and I am not around.  I wanted to be there for my kids while they still need me, and so I quit.  Others may not understand the decision I have made, but I didn't care, because I know that whatever happens, family comes first.

     There are times when I would miss working in a hospital.  I am even afraid that I might have lost my clinical skills because I am not actively practicing medicine.  But I know that this work that I have is only temporary.  I am still planning to pursue residency training because I know that is what my father would have wanted for me, to be a "real doctor" as what he said when we last talked.  I am planning to apply for training by next year, if things go according to plan.  But for the meantime i am enjoying the perks of working in an office setting, because:
  • I do not go on 24 hours,
  • The pay is way better than in the hospital,
  • I can sleep peacefully and not worry about toxic patients in the ICU
  • I do not need to worry about journal reporting and M&M conferences
  • I do not have to deal with the stress of telling the relatives of my patients that their loved one has died.
  • I get the weekends off
  • I am able to spend time with my kids
     Even if I miss wearing my scrub suits, and having my stethoscope over my neck, I am enjoying what I 'm doing right now, because I know I would soon say goodbye to the corporate world and face the reality that I am a doctor, and maybe, just maybe I could finally convince myself to go back to the hospital life I left behind.

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