Saturday, September 18, 2010

Missing my Toenail

2 months ago, I had my toenails surgically removed because of an infection caused by swelling of my right big toe.  This was after I had a pedicure from someone who really insisted that she knew how to remove an "ingrown".  Even after I repeatedly told her to leave my "ingrown" alone as I was not used to having it taken out, she still had her way, and that left me with a right big toe, swollen like the size of a grape fruit.

Sadly I was told that my right big toenail had to go, as there was no other way for it to heal by itself, and also to avoid recurrence of the swelling in the future if I get pedicures again, which I doubt I would.

So on a Thursday afternoon,l I headed to the hospital where my husband's friend would be the one to perform the procedure.  As I lay on the surgical table at the room where minor OR procedures where performed, I was concerned first of the appearance after the nails were removed, the pain I would be feeling was my secondary concern. 

My husband was with me during that time, he was telling me that the injection of the anesthesia was the painful part, and so I prepared myself for the worse When I felt the needle pierce my skin, I so badly wanted to scream, the pain was nothing I imagined, worse than the spinal anesthesia during my C-section.  It all happened so quickly, before I knew it my nails were removed, totally detached from the toe.

I thought that was the end of my nightmare, but I was wrong.  The pain when the anesthesia wore off was worse than it was when the anesthesia was being injected.  I had to take pain medications round the clock.  Not to mention that my right toe looked really ugly.  I cannot even bear to look at it.  I had to take 2 days off from work because applying pressure like walking or maintaining a certain position would cause for it to bleed.  But after about a week or so, the wound was already dry and there was no need for me to wrap it in sterile gauze.

I have been patiently waiting for my nails to grow back, and at last I see a small part of my new nails emerging from the nail bed.  Barely reached half way, but at least it's there.  A new nail for my right toe.  Now I never have to worry with having a funny looking, nail-less right toe.  And the good thing that came out of this experience?  I learned to do my own pedicure, I had to learn it the hard and painful way though.

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