Friday, September 17, 2010

Thank God for Fridays

"Friday at last".  The usual phrase I utter whenever the 5th day of the week has arrived.  Since I started working in an office setting, I only work during weekdays unlike when I was still in the hospital where everyday is "work day".  I have come to love this day of the week.  It means that the weekend is just around the corner and I have 2 days to spend with my kids, my husband (when he's not in the hospital), and doing what I love to do like finishing up on a  book, watching a good movie, or whipping up something in my little kitchen.

I so love Fridays.  It gives me something to look forward to whenever I'm starting the week really bad, makes things a bit easier.  So instead of saying "Thank God It's Friday", I would rather "Thank God for Fridays", because for me it means good things are about to begin...

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