Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Andre's Bumper Ball Experience

We visited Star City during our trip to Manila.  The last time Ross and I were there was around 6 years ago during my clerkship in Makati Medical Center.  It was basically the same as I remembered it, except for a few new attractions.  The Bumper Ball was a new one, exclusively for kids though.  The child is placed inside a big rubber ball inflated with air, and tossed into the water.  My son Andre said he wanted to try it, I was a bit hesitant because what if he got scared while inside the ball, but my husband said it was alright, so here goes...

The Bumper Ball

Andre was silent while waiting for his turn, so many things must have been going through his mind.

 Getting inside the big rubber ball.

 I asked the man in charge whether the air being blown inside the ball was warm, and he said it was not, and Andre eagerly sat in a fetal position while air was being pumped into the ball.

The ball was fully inflated and was about to be pushed into the water.

I wonder how it felt being inside the ball...

Andre had a hard time moving inside the ball, but he obviously enjoyed the experience.

His 5 minutes was almost up so Andre slowly made his way back to where we are by pushing the ball, but I had to ask the person in charge to help pull my son back before he gets exhausted :)

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