Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Micah!

 Last October 13 was Micah's 3rd birthday, we initially wanted her to have Jollibee party, but since we just came from our vacation in Tacloban for Mama's birthday and Manila where we attended the binyag of my brother-in-laws first born, we celebrated her birthday at home, a simple party but what's important is that she truly enjoyed her birthday with all the kids in our apartment complex.

Since Micah loves flower icing, I decided to fill her cake with colorful flower icings and sure enough she loved her birthday cake.

Micah was really happy and was beaming that day.  

 Micah is my mini-me.  Although we look alike, I can tell that she has a different personality,  She's more kikay than me, and loves to dress up.  She can be shy towards others, but once she starts to open up, she has a cheerful personality.

Ask her to show an angry face and this is how she projects.  But would instantly shift to her happy face mode in an instant.  Maybe she would grow up to be an actress someday, who knows? LOL!

 Thank you Lord for all your blessings.  For giving me a daughter like Micah.  I pray that You grant her another year of good health and happiness.  Happy birthday my dear Micah, Thank you for making us happy!  May you grow up to be a blessing to others.

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