Thursday, October 28, 2010

Laguna Trip

Last October 8, 2010, Ross, me and the kids traveled for the very first time as a family, minus the yayas.  We were headed for San Pablo, Laguna to attend the baptism of my brother-in-laws first born son.  It was vacation of sorts, we planned to visit Enchanted Kingdom and Manila Ocean Park, but we ended up visiting the latter as on the day we intended to go to EK, it was raining so hard.

I knew it was going to be a challenge for me because I was always used having an extra help when traveling with the kids, but I never expected the challenge to happen so soon.  As soon as we landed at the NAIA terminal 3, Andre was all over the place, and I had a hard time keeping up with him because I was carrying Micah, and Ross was busy with the luggage.  I guess he was just excited to be in a new place.

While waiting for our ride outside NAIA terminal 3.  Andre was pretty much exhausted by this time, while Micah was still ready to smile for the camera.

 Day 1:  It was pretty much uneventful, this was the day we planned to go to Enchanted Kingdom but because of the heavy rains, we ended up in Jollibee in Los Baños, Laguna.

Day 2 was my nephew's baptism.  As usual, I was busy looking after the kids that I ended up not eating during the reception as I had to make sure the kids were able to eat first.  Ross was busy catching up with his old friends and that was fine since I know how much he wanted to spend time with them.

This was during the reception, Ross, Micah and me, Alex, Ria and Myke, Reden, Cathy and baby Reca.

The following day, we went to SM San Pablo.  Micah wanted to have her picture taken with her large pink lollipop.

Andre looking at baby Reca sleeping soundly despite the loud music playing in the background.

Andre and Micah acting goofy in front of the camera.  They really enjoyed those huge lollipops.  Andre always wanted to buy those lollipops at Candy Corner but It costs 99.95 and I would tell him to just get those gummy candies that costs 55 per 100 grams instead.  But since it was the opening day at this Candy Corner stall, they had everything on sale including the lollipops.

The smile of a happy and contented little boy!

Being the kikay that she is, Micah had to take her picture in front of this huge lipstick

With my nephew, Damian Reca... super cute!!

This is what kept my little angels behaved during our vacation.  

It was a memorable vacation since it was the first time we all traveled together as a family.  To be honest, it was pretty tiring at times, but seeing my kids enjoy and have fun was worth it.

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