Friday, November 26, 2010

Being Thankful

 Every 4th Thursday of November, people in the US celebrate Thanksgiving.  According to history, it started as a feast to celebrate a bountiful harvest, and has been observed and now has become a US holiday.  Working for a US based company catering to US based clients, I was hoping that we could also go on a holiday, considering we would not be having clients during that time.  But since the office is here in the Philippines, we were asked to come to the office and "find something to do'.

I then found myself thinking, what is it that I am thankful for?  I know that the list could go on and on... starting from being thankful for the people who are in my life, down to the most trivial things I could think of.  But let me first start by listing the 10 reasons why I am thankful for:

1.  I am thankful that my parents are always there to help me out whenever I have problems. 

2.  I am thankful because I had a happy childhood.

3.  I am thankful that God has blessed me with 2 wonderful kids.

4.  I am thankful for Ross, because in spite of everything, he would always be one of the reasons why I am happy.  I loved the person he was then, and the person that he has become.

5.  I am thankful for friends.. both the old and the new, because somehow life is easier with "friends" around.

6.  I am thankful for my job.  It may not be what I have imagined myself doing, but I find myself enjoying it, and most importantly, it helps provide us with our basic needs and more.

7.  I am thankful that we have a house to live in, sleep comfortably, have a good water supply, and eat 3 or more meals in a day.

8.  I am thankful that no one in the family has any serious illnesses.

9. I am thankful  that contact lenses were invented, and that even if I do not have  20/20 vision, I am not totally blind and still able to see the beautiful things around me.

10.  I am thankful for everything that I have been through, the triumphs, the disappointments, the mistakes, the opportunities... all these I consider blessings, because it has taught me to be stronger, wiser and appreciate my life more and the people in it.

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