Friday, November 19, 2010


I have been subscribing to Bo Sanchez's GodWhispers for almost 2 months now, and twice a week, I receive an e-mail with  personal messages that talk about kindness to others, forgiveness, love, and hope.  The messages are just short ones, but I find myself looking forward to these messages because it gives me something to ponder on, it uplifts me and inspires me to become a better version of myself.

Today, I received a message that talked about failure.  Having had my share of failures in the past, I know how hard it is to overcome them, but with God's grace I have come to accept my share of "downs".  There was a time in my life when I have failed not just myself, but the people I love because of some bad choices.  But I learned that to move forward, we should accept our failures and mistakes, and learn from them.  I would like to share the message I received today, and if you want to have your share of messages from God, subscribe to godWhispers since it's totally free.

Dear ChinChin,
Embrace failure.  Fail forward.  Fail quickly.  So that you can start again.

It's the only road to success.
To your great success,
P.S. ChinChin, you will succeed.  I know.

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