Sunday, November 7, 2010

His Corny Side

My phone inbox has almost a hundred messages, some were dated even from 2008.  Most messages I kept were from hubby, others were forwarded messages from family and friends.  There were messages that brought back painful memories and I finally had the courage to delete them because I have come to forgive the person who sent them to me.  But there were also messages that made me smile just remembering the story behind it.  

One of those was a message sent by Ross last September, I remember I was watching a Tagalog movie, while he was busy making his report.  It was a romantic-comedy, and he was even making fun of me because I was enjoying it even if the lines were a bit corny.  After the movie when we were about to go to sleep, I checked on my phone and was surprised to read the message he sent, it was a line from the movie I just watched.  I found the gesture sweet, considering that my hubby is not really the romantic type of person.  I guess that's his way of showing his corny side, by making it seem like a joke.  Maybe he's not ready to admit that he has a sweet and corny side hiding behind the pa tough-guy persona.

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