Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Favorite Hobby

Reading is my favorite past time.  It has always been a hobby of mine that started when I was a kid.  From comic books, to Nancy Drews, Sweet Dreams and Sweet Valley High, and then I started to read  from authors like Sidney Sheldon, Judith McNaught, Nora Roberts and Danielle Steel.

A second hobby developed out of my love for reading, I also started to collect books, magazines and novels.  I remember having a book shelf at home with all my Sweet Dreams, Sweet Valley High and Danielle Steel novels alphabetically arranged according to title.  I also had a collection of Seventeen and Cosmopolitan magazines.  I would save up my allowance to buy myself a book or magazine at least once a week from the Booksale store that opened in Tacloban.  

 When I was about to transfer to Manila, I had to clean up my stuff and had to give some of them away, which included the novels and magazines I dearly treasured all these years.  A friend suggested I sell them to a book rental store downtown, in that way instead of rotting away and being eaten by termites in our "bodega". it would still be a source of joy to book lovers like me.  So some of my books went to that book rental store, some I gave away, but a few I kept with me, including my Danielle Steel novels which has traveled with me from Manila to Cebu where I am now currently based.  I am still a D.S. novel collector, but I also have a couple of e-books from other authors I store in my PC.  I don't think I would ever outgrow my love for reading, it's amazing how words can inspire you, take you to places you could only dream of going, it widens your imagination, make you laugh and cry at times.  Reading feeds the mind and nourishes the soul.

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