Friday, December 17, 2010

Office Christmas Party

 We just had our office Christmas Party last December 12, 2010.  The theme of the party was Cosplay, but our team decided to come in wearing Scrub Suits and lab coats.  Why?  Personally because I do not have the budget for a costume, I miss wearing my scrubs, and it was something we all agreed on for practical reasons.  Anyway, the place was cozy, but a bit small for an office party with about 90 employees, the food was excellent, and the group presentations were awesome.  Each team really prepared for the program.  Our presentation was okay, we did not get to win any price but we had fun practicing our dance :)  I also enjoyed looking at other employees who came in costumes, it was a fun, fun night.  And for two consecutive years, I was able to receive the gift I wanted from my manita, thanks to the wish list.  So, here are some photos from that night.  Happy Holidays!!
 This was before we left the office.  All ready to do our rounds!

Aboard the Kashiong Bus to Lola Salings with my sister Ariane and our EOY.

Just getting settled, and ready to eat!

Divya, Teody, Limp, Gail and me.

Don't smile when your mouth is full!

The whole Implementation/EMR Team.


  1. i miss you all!!! :)

  2. We miss you too Kymoy... let's have our post christmas get together k?


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