Monday, January 17, 2011

Sinulog 2011

I was hoping that the weather would be sunny on the day of the Sinulog itself, but as expected it rained as it always does for the past 3 Sinulog festival that I was here.  But this year was probably when it rained the most, maybe it just means more blessings from  Sr. Sto. Niño. 

I went to church by myself on that Sunday because Andre was still having cough and colds, and I did not want to bring Micah because of the weather, and I know that I would be doing a lot of walking so it would be wiser not to bring the kids.  I went to see Ross at the hospital and he asked me to stay for a while because they had a small "salo-salo" at their quarters.  One of their interns prepared Indian food, so I had a taste of that as well.  I was thinking my friend Ariane would have enjoyed it, because the menu consisted of vegetable curry, Russian salad and "Roti", an Indian bread.  Luckily, Doc Dulce also prepared spaghetti and they also had chicken, because I was preparing myself for a "walkathon", knowing for a fact that their were few PUJ and taxi cabs due to the mardi gras parade.

The surgical residents wanted to have henna tattoos and so they invited an artist over to do the deed.   Ross wanted me to have one as well, and I was hesitant getting one because I recall a cousin developing allergic reactions to the henna ink used.  But since no one was complaining about burning sensations or itching I decided that it was pretty safe and I went ahead and agreed to get my very first henna tattoo.  As expected I chose a floral design for myself, and the result was pretty nice.  Before heading home, I decided to buy tattoos for my kids because I was sure they were gonna ask once they see us both with henna tattoos.  

And as expected, they were excited when they saw the sticker tattoos.  So I took this picture of them with daddy showing off their tattooed arms, except that all eyes are on the TV.

We were not able to go out for Sinulog, I also missed the procession because of the heavy rain, (next year I am hoping to join the procession), but it was fun nevertheless, and despite the sound of the Sinulog beat coming from the mobile disco outside our apartment, I got to sleep well that weekend.  Hope you guys enjoyed Sinulog, and most importantly thanked Sto. Niño for the blessings we have received for the past years.  Until next year... Pit Senyor!!

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