Monday, February 14, 2011

The Lost Valentine - Movie

Recently watched The Lost Valentine on dvd.  The movie was based on a novel by James Michael Pratt. First 5 minutes into the movie, I was already crying.  It was a scene where Caroline was saying goodbye to her husband and how I hate goodbyes.

 The story centered on Caroline Thomas, who on February 14, 1944 said goodbye to her husband as he was sent off to war.  And on every Valentine's Day for the next 66 years she went to that train station waiting for her beloved husband to come back.

Then came Jennifer Love Hewitt, a reporter who was looking for a story about true love, but doubts at first if it does exist, was assigned to do the story of Caroline Thomas and her husband.  Now, as Caroline was reliving the memory of her husband by telling their love story, Susan (the reporter) was having issues with her own love life as well.  Her photographer boyfriend proposed to her, bur she declined saying she was not yet ready to commit into something serious.  And in the picture was Caroline's grandson Lucas, who at first got annoyed at Susan but as they started spending time together started to have feelings for her.

 So the story continued with the quest of looking for her husband who they learned was rescued by "tribeman" in an island somewhere in the Pacific.  And this island just happened to be the Philippines, and there was even a scene where there were Filipino actors and you could hear them speaking in Tagalog. Anyway, they found out that Neil Thomas, (the husband) later died in action.  They asked the help of a Filipino guerrilla who fought with the American during the war to locate the remains of Neil and bring it back to the US. The ending brought them back to the train station where finally Caroline's long wait for her husband came to an end as he eventually was brought home, a hero.

This is a real tear jerker.  The plot was simple yet love stories always brings out good feelings after you watch them.  It proves that love does really stand the test of time, and it shows how a person can stay committed and true to the person she loves. It's a beautiful reminder that True Love does exist. Happy Hearts Day everyone!!

PS:  Did I mention that the grandson, Lucas (Sean Faris) is a total hunk? LOL...

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