Sunday, February 27, 2011

My First Visit to the "Mooon"

At last, after almost 3 years of residing in Cebu, I finally got to experience dining at Mooon Cafe.  Ross took me out to dinner a few days after Valentines, and since I also haven't been to IT park yet, (poor me!) he decided we  eat there instead of the one at Ayala.  I was so excited and thrilled, because it has been a while since Ross and I went out on a date, just the two of us.  We usually go out on Sundays with the kids in tow.  I have been wanting to set a "date day" for us, but since his schedule won't allow him, any free time my husband has I want him to spend with the kids.  I bring his dinner to the hospital every weekdays before I go to work, and we get to spend time to talk and catch up on things, and that's quality time for us already.

Going back to our date, we ordered Tostaditas, Mexican baby back and Lechon kawali.  The serving was good enough.  I especially enjoyed our drinks because it had slices of oranges in them, I believe it was called cupid coolers, not sure though.

We had a good time.  I enjoyed the food, and Ross promised we'd go back and taste their Burritos and the pasta.  Yipee, I'm already looking forward to it.  

I had a contented smile on my face.  I was actually so full, I think what I ate would last me until lunch the next day.  The prize I guess was reasonable enough, I was just laughing when I saw the bill because my husband cracked his ancient joke telling me he'd run off first and then I follow afterwards.  He always does that whenever we dine out, or either he'd tell the waiter he forgot his wallet and we would be willing to wash the plates to pay off our dinner.  We get different reactions whenever he cracks his "i forgot my wallet" joke, and whenever I start laughing, the waiters would know my husband was just fooling around.  

Mooon cafe is definitely on my favorite dining places list.  I would be going back for sure.  Just a thought, why is Mooon spelled with 3 "O's"?


  1. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Doc, I think sun coolers. Try spaghetti ala gambas. Albert & I used to eat there a lot. He likes their mojitos.

  2. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Doc, try spaghetti ala gambas. It's my favorite. You might get discouraged though because its drowning in olive oil. hehe

  3. Hi Yanni, yes I'll put that on my list. I would definitely want to go back there, we could go there too if you like, hehehe!!


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