Friday, February 4, 2011

My Not-So Golden "surprise" Birthday Bash

Life is indeed full of surprises. Just when you feel that you are at your lowest, good things happen.

A week before my birthday, "a series of unfortunate events" took place, and so I was not really in the mood for celebrating because I had so many things going through my head.  I was initially planning to treat my friends from work, but because I had to prioritize our household expenses, I had to set that thought aside and told them the pizza would have to wait until the next payday. I was also worrying because Andre was having a really bad case of allergic rhinitis, which eventually lead to asthma, so hearing him wheezing so badly was terrifying for me.

That Monday, I was not really planning to report to work because I was hesitant to leave Andre, but Ariane sent me a message saying our manager was looking for me.  I had to get the kids to sleep first before I leave.  Good thing the nebulization worked magic and my son was sleeping soundly without the wheeze.

I was not my usual self that day.  I had so many things in my head, I did not even notice that I was the only one left in our work station, until Ariane approached me saying she wanted to talk to me about something.  The first thing that came through my head was "Oh no, please don't tell me you're resigning!".  So we walked towards our conference room, and I noticed a shadow of one of my workmates inside, and when I opened the door, I froze and could not believe what I saw.  All my team members, well most of them were there greeting me a "happy birthday", while I was stuck in the corner crying, and then they were all telling me to blow the candle before the smoke alarm goes off.  The next shock came when I saw the candles on my birthday cake, 50!! I just turned 33 and suddenly I'm blowing a birthday cake with the number 50 on it.  So I was crying and laughing at the same time. 

It was really crazy, and I know I looked really funny, but I was surprised.  I did not expect them to throw me a birthday bash.  I thought it only happened in the movies, but it happened to me, and I felt so blessed to be surrounded with these dynamic and wonderful individuals.  I feel honored that they decided to plan a surprise for me.  I always am hesitant being called a team leader or manager because I'm not really sure If I am able to do what I am supposed to do for them or if I fit the description of what a manager should be.  But all I know is that I am always willing to help them out in any way I can, and always ready to look after them.  I think I am more of like a protective mother, an older sister, and friend rolled into one.  They make my job of being TL easier because they are all easy to work with, no attitude problems whatsoever, and it's fun being around them.  We are basically like family, so even if there are work related issues, knowing that they are around makes things better,

I would never forget that day.  What they did was special and something I would always cherish.  I may not have looked my best during that day, but I was definitely at my HAPPIEST!  Thank you to my EMR/Implementation family. You guys will always hold a special place in my ♥.

The people behind the surprise.  Sadly we were not complete that night since Gail and Geraldine were absent and Joseph came in late.  From the top there's Teody, Ariane and Limpz. Rejoice is on the second photo.  Then Limpz again with  Brian, Ed, and Divya, then there's Jayson on the last photo.  I think the common denominator for all these pics is Limpz, lol!

The food was great.  I enjoyed the fish fillet.  And again my birthday cake with the number 50 on it.

Thanks Ariane for staying late that day,  I know you were supposed to leave early for your duty but I'm glad you were the bearer of good news.  You actually scared me when you said you wanted to talk to me, you looked really serious, and your hands were cold :).  Thanks Sir Adrian for allowing us to use the conference room, at least the smoke alarm did not go off. PS:  The middle photo I am with the Employee of the Year 2009 and 2010.  For two consecutive years the EOY came from our team, yipee!!

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