Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Rabbit Hole - Movie

The Rabbit Hole is a film about a married couple who lost their 4 year old son when he was hit by  a car just outside their house. I was expecting it to be a tear jerker, but surprisingly the movie didn't make me cry.  It was actually a sad movie if I may say.  This was originally a play which was adapted into a film.  The movie takes you into the life of the characters and the different ways they cope up with grief, and how they found comfort at the end.

Losing a child is unimaginable, that is every parents worst nightmare. In this movie instead of the couple finding comfort in each other because they lost a son, they were sadly drifting apart.  While the father was trying to re-live the memories of his son, the mother was slowly erasing the memory of the little boy from their home, by removing things that would remind her of him.  She was starting to be cold and distant towards his husband, which I know in reality happens to some couple dealing with the same tragedy.  But at the end they both realized that  they have to move on with their lives, and although things were not the same, they had to try and act normal for the sake of their friends and family, and find comfort in each other.

Each person has a unique way of coping with grief. I guess you are entitled to grieve on your own for some time.  But I think that there comes a point where acceptance should come in, and that life has to go on for everyone.  Find comfort in the thought that whatever it is in life you are going through, you are never alone.


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