Friday, April 8, 2011


 How does it feel to be emotionless?  
To not feel any thing at all... 
to detach one's self from feeling anything.  
There are instances where I want to be in that state, 
of not being able to feel anything.  

No hurt, no anger, no sadness.  Just nothing.

 I guess that would make me indifferent, but I would rather be indifferent than pretend to be OK when I know that I am not.  So I am starting to filter my emotions, knowing that this is for the best.  

The words that were said, can never be taken back.  There is no remedy, there is no cure.  What has been broken can never be fixed.

 I have to start healing, I have to erase all the memories, let go of all the feelings and just move on.

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