Thursday, May 26, 2011

What to do if I had more time and money...

If there are two things in the world that I would want to have more of, that would be Time and Money.  I could just imagine the endless possibilities out there for me.  Blessed are the few who gets to enjoy more time in this world and have more than enough money.

But I guess one can't really have both, right?  It's either you have more time but not enough money, or you have all the money in the world, but so little time to enjoy it.

Anyway, a friend of mine posted a link on my Facebook wall which sparked my interest because the mission was to send in articles about the 10 things we would do if we had more time, and another 10 things if we had more money. So let me give it a shot, I'm sure this would be fun.

 10 Things I would do if I had more time:

- Visit my family in Tacloban more often.

- Go on vacation with Ross and the kids every month to different tourist destinations here in the Philippines.

- Go on a Disney cruise with my kids, visit Disneyland and universal studios.

- Catch up on sleep.  (Shallow but true, I think I'm sleep deprived, so I guess if I had more time I'd want to sleep in a few extra hours each day :).

- Finish reading the novels I bought neatly stacked on my desk collecting dusts, lol!!  I have this habit of buying novels/books, yet I still have a couple unfinished ones. (Booksale is the culprit)

- Go on a get-together with my college best friends over the weekend.

- Enroll in culinary arts.

- Learn how to play any musical instrument.

- Start working on my porcelain clay project which I have been putting off since October of last year.

- Write in my journal more.

 10 things I would do If I had more money:

- First on the list is of course to fund all activities in my "if I had more time" list which requires money, lol!!

- Buy a house and car for my family.

- Put up a grocery business.  (I have been wanting to have a sari-sari store when I was a kid, I still dream about it, but now I have leveled-up and aimed for a grocery store!)

- Open a time deposit account for my kids.

- Help my father with his business by giving a new look to his Auto Shop, renovate the whole area, and adding an internet/coffee shop to attract more customers.

- An all-expense paid trip around the world for my parents, and even my brothers if they want to tag along. :)

- Fund a charitable institution which would aim to support every indigent patient to ensure that they would be receiving the best medical or surgical treatment they need.

- Extend financial assistance to relatives who are in need.

- Send my husband to the best Endoscopic and Laparoscopic center there is the world for his training.

- Put up an Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Center for my husband after he finishes with his training.

My list could go on forever.  I must admit I had fun imagining things I would be doing If I had more time and money.  I guess it's good to dream and imagine what you would want your life to be.  Imagine what your future would be like everyday.  As they say, "there's no limit to what you can dream". 

Don't stop dreaming, even if you fail.  Never give up until you find a way to fulfill them.

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  1. picture these everyday chin! law of attraction says, if you keep those dreams vivid in your mind the universe will connive to make them all come true..all you have to do is ASK and BELIEVE!


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