Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happiness = Being Grateful + focusing on what's good

I read an article from Bro. Bo Sanchez.  An inspiring article which reminds us that the key to happiness is to always be thankful and focus on what is good.  It seems very simple, yet so many of us tend to forget to appreciate the good within ourselves, the good in others and the goodness around us. 

A portion of the article says: The key to happiness is gratitude. A grateful person is a happy person. And an ungrateful person is an unhappy person.

How does Bro. Bo define a grateful person? A grateful person focuses on what is good.

So if a grateful person is a happy person, and a grateful person focuses on what is good,I therefore conclude that a happy person is someone who sees the good in everything.

I was also told that if we want to be truly happy, then we should start counting our blessings that money cannot buy.

To read more of that article, please click here.

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