Friday, June 17, 2011

My Flower Garden-Project

I have always wanted to have a flower garden.  I used to imagine a backyard where I could just relax while being surrounded by flowers of different colors.  But living in an apartment complex, I kind of had a hard time picturing how my garden would turn out because there was no space for me to grow a garden.  So I had been putting off that plan for a while, until recently while I was scouting for my daughters fabric for her uniform. I happen to pass by Carbon market and saw all the plants for sale.  I talked to the lady who was selling the plants and she actually had me convinced to finally start with my garden project.  Since I could not actually make a garden in our compound, I chose the area in front of our unit as my starting point. I bought plastic flower pots and started with small flower plants (forget-me-not, a mini-rose and three other plants which names I could not remember).  After putting the plants in their respective pots, I was pretty much excited with the thought of seeing them grow each day.  Our house looked prettier with all the flowers aligned up front.

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