Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why Staying is Still Worth It

So many people have been asking me why I still am sticking with my current job.  The level of stress that it has given me is pretty much obvious as evidenced by my persistent weight gain.  Staring at the computer for almost 8 hours has also added to my ever worsening visual problems.  I am also increasing my risk of developing certain conditions related to working during the night shifts.  And according to an article I read, (click here) I may even be shortening my life!

I know I always have the option to leave if I want to, but then I would also start pointing out the reasons why I should stay.  I have learned to love the job that I'm doing.  I get to interact with different kinds of individuals.  Being an EMR physician has boost my confidence level as it has exposed me to conducting trainings and meeting with doctors in the US.  I enjoy working on the EMR templates, and actually implementing them for client use.  I have met new friends and acquaintances.  But the main reason why leaving is difficult, is because I have developed a special bond with my team.  They make coming to work each night something to look forward to, despite knowing that there may be client concerns or some major issues.  I am fortunate to be working with these unique individuals.  Despite being younger by a few years, I have also come to learn from them as well.  I know that no matter where life leads us in the future, we would always remain friends.  

I know that the kind of work I am doing now is temporary.  I know that sooner or later I would have to leave and pursue something greater.  But for now, thanks to the these people, staying is still definitely worth it.


  1. same reasons doc... if it wasnt for the people around me.... i would have left my job a year ago..

  2. I agree IO, it's the people around us that makes staying still worth while. You're one of those I consider my friends in the office, and I'm grateful to have known someone like you.

  3. I agree! My motto sa work is actually "stay hangtod di na ma-take" and so far na-take ra man tungod sa mga taw. ^_^


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