Saturday, July 16, 2011

Praying for a Sign

I had to temporarily put my plans of residency training aside and chose a different career path.  During that time, I felt it was the right thing for me to do.  I landed a job as an EMR physician, a totally new experience for me.  I must admit, I enjoyed my work, not to mention that the compensation was much better.  But I felt incomplete knowing that it was not what I envisioned myself to be. My current job may be financially rewarding, but I also missed my life working as a doctor.  I was torn whether to continue being an EMR physician, or to start being a "real physician".

I prayed and asked for a sign from God. Then at last, after about a year since the first time I asked for a sign, God answered my prayers.  Now the rest is up to me, I'm carefully planning out the next steps I would be taking.  To be honest, I'm a bit scared, but I know this is what I'm supposed to be doing.  The hardest part would be saying good bye to the people I have worked with, especially to my team who I've grown to love like my own family.  For now, I would probably stay with the company for a few months, before I actually start preparing for the next challenge I would ba taking, which is my "residency training".

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