Thursday, August 11, 2011

"How I got my Curls"

This started my fancy for curls!!
After 2 days of waiting, the package finally arrived.  I was like a kid opening a present on Christmas morning.  I was so excited to try out this product I bought on-line.  I have always wondered how those movie stars and models get their big curly locks.  And ever since I made this fancy photo of  Edward Cullen and me together, I've been thinking of getting my hair permed.  I used to don curly hair back in high school, I remember I had the zig-zag hair look and the telephone wire curls.   But since I found out that having your hair permed was much more expensive than getting a rebond, I ditched the idea of getting the curls I wanted.  But thanks to "Magic Leverage Curlformers", I think I may have found the solution to how I'd get the curls I've always wanted.

This is the packaging of the curlformers.  It comes with 18 pieces of this curly things where you insert your hair and 1 hook.  It's actually easy to use and you could find video tutorials on how to use this.  I think this is not the same one they sell in the US and Europe, because I noticed that the "leverage" is spelled without an "e".  From what I read on-line this is being manufactured in China, which is not unusual.  Anyway, I tried using it on my daughter, and eventually after a couple of minutes she took them off saying it was hurting her head.  

I tried putting it on Micah but she eventually took them off after a few minutes.

I initially had a hard time putting them on, and it did hurt a bit especially when you pull the hook inside the curlformers.  Putting on setting lotion or mousse helps define the curls.  The video said  you can get curls in 15 minutes, but actually I had to leave them on for 5 hours to get really nice curls.  But when I finally took them off, it was worth the wait.  The curls are really loose, exactly the way I imagined them to be.  I've been going to work with my curly look for 2 straight days and my friends and workmates find it cute.  Unfortunately, I could not make it my daily routine because even if it's easy to put on, getting the curls takes a lot of time.  Nevertheless, I 'm glad I saw this product on-line and decided to buy it.  Now I can get my curls anytime I feel like having one. :)

That's me and my curls!!  

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  1. Where did u buy if from?haha, i can't wait for 5hrs as i only have an hour to get ready everytime we go out, especially now.. When i need to curl my hair, i have to shampoo the night before kay maiha pagpamara.
    But mana, i think it would work faster if you used a blower while you had it. Wait for your hsir to cool then remove it tapos hairspray..


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