Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's new at KFC?

Last week, we were at the newly renovated KFC restaurant at SM, and I really liked the new look of the place. I guess they also replaced their air conditioning system because the place was much more cooler than usual, which was a good thing.  We ordered the usual bucket meal, with all original chicken and mashed potato for the side dish.

When the lady taking our orders asked if we wanted to try out their new set of desserts, she pointed me towards the poster for their Streetwise Spoonful Desserts featuring 4 new additions to their menu namely Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Tiramisu, Choco-Banana pie and Mango cheesecake.  The good thing is that it's reasonably priced at 29 pesos each, so it won't be heavy on your pockets.  I tried out the Mango Cheesecake, and it did have that mango flavor, although the cheesecake part was a bit soft, and the crust wasn't that thick.  You can't really compare it with the desserts you find in hotels or fancy restaurants  but hey for 29 pesos, it's not that bad.  I'm planning on trying out Choco-Banana pie next.

Aside from the desserts, the new attraction at KFC was their photo booth.  You get to have your picture taken for free and post it on social networking sites or send it to your e-mail.  My kids and I tried it of course, I was asking my husband to join in as well, but I think he was embarrassed so it was just the three of us doing wacky poses and we did have fun.  Well, that's what's new at KFC so far.  I am looking forward to try out the rest of the desserts and you guys try it out too.  For only 29 pesos you get to satisfy your craving, indulge yourself :)

PS:  Don't forget to have your pictures taken at the photo booth, say cheese!!

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