Saturday, October 22, 2011

More of These Please...

- "More Sleep". Good thing it's the first one on the list because I definitely need to be getting more ZzzzZ..  They say lack of sleep dries up your brain, I hope that's just a myth because I don't want my brain to start shrinking, that would just be awful.  I can't imagine not being able to remember all the happy memories I have stored in my head.

- "More Music". No question about it, I'm a music lover.  Music is therapy for me.  There are songs that explain exactly how one is feeling, and it's good if you could just sing it out right?  That's me, I sing in the shower, I sing in karaoke bars, I sing when I'm walking, I sing my heart out.  Thank you Lord for Music!

- "More Tea".  OK, I'm not really a tea person, I'm more of a coffee addict so I'd probably pass on this one. But I love Iced tea though, if that counts...

- "More Books".  The E-books don't count in this category.  I love to read, and I collect novels as well.  More books means time to relax, reading allows your imagination take you to far away places where no one else has gone.  

- "More Sunsets".  I love sunsets, they're beautiful.  It's God's way of reminding you that another day has passed, and tomorrow is a new beginning, a chance for you to start fresh...

- "More Creating".  I don't exactly know what this means, but I guess probably it has something to do about being artistic, or about sharing your talents or skills... creating something is a sign of self expression.

- "More Long Walks".  When I have so many things in my head, I take long walks.  It allows me to think more clearly.  When I need to get away from everything and want to be by myself,  I take long walks.  It's therapeutic for me.

- "More Laughter".  I need to explain, I guess everyone needs laughter, as they say it's the best medicine.  I love the feeling after friends and I have a good laugh, I feel light and bubbly.  Good thing I get my daily dose of laughter at work with my team and other friends there, I wouldn't want to miss it...

- "More Hugs".  Hugs are ways of showing you care for someone without having to say anything.  I think we all need to be hugged once in a while.

- "More Dreaming".  I guess for this one, it's best to have an equal portion of dreaming, and also doing something to make that dream come true.  

- "More Road trips".  Unplanned road trips, hitting the beach, island hopping... I miss my  youth!  But age won't stop me from taking road trips with my family... one of these days I'll definitely go on a vacation.

- "More Fun".  Have fun.  Enjoy life, you only get to live once.  If you want something go for it... follow your happiness, follow your heart... do not hold back on things that would make you happy, you don't ever want to look back and say "What if".

- "More Love".  I guess I have more than enough of this 4 letter word...  I have my family, my friends and most especially my kids...  but honestly sometimes I feel somethings missing from my life, I just can't point out what it is yet.  But I believe in Love, and I believe in loving with all your heart and with all your mind.  So as they say, "Love More, and all the good things will be yours."

Happy Weekend!

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