Sunday, October 9, 2011

"The Other One"

When a friend first asked me if I was able to watch the movie No Other Woman, I was thinking it must be a new Hollywood chick-flick. But when they started talking about how sexy Derek Ramsey was or how they compared the acting of Anne Curtis and Cristine Reyes, I realized it was another local movie with the same theme as that of the first one that came out which was My Neighbor's Wife.  But even if I find Jake Cuenca really good looking, I never had any interest in watching that movie.

But I was actually curious about No Other Woman, so I invited our helper to watch the movie with me.  After dropping the kids to school last Monday, we hurriedly rushed to catch the 1:30 pm screening in a mall nearby.  Well, the story line was what I expected, love, betrayal, infidelity.  It showed how each characters cope with the situation they are in.  Lucky for this one, the husband returned to the wife.  But in reality, it does not always happen that way.  Sometime it's the wife that gets left behind, or it's the husband who gets cheated on, or maybe the right one came at the wrong time so they ended up being the third party.  

Sadly, in almost every story the third party or "the other one" always ends up being the bad person, or worse they end up being alone.  Somehow, I pity Anne's character in the movie, because she knew getting into a relationship with a married man was wrong, but she did it anyway.  At first she was doing it out of fun, but eventually she fell in love with the guy  Some people get into this type of relationship for money, power, self satisfaction or ego boost... but I think that some allow themselves to be caught up in this kind of relationship because they actually love the person, and it's really sad.  We will never really understand why these things happen, or why people allow it to happen.  We can only hope that it never happens to the people we love or better yet to us.

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