Friday, November 25, 2011

A Letter to my Son on his 7th Birthday

My dearest Andre, 

     I always thank God everyday that He has 

blessed me with you and Micah, who brings so 

much love and joy into my life. You both remind 

me that no matter how difficult things may be, I 

can get through it... that despite the tears I 

always have a reason to smile, that despite 

being hurt, I could always choose to be happy.

Thank You Andre for always making me feel that 

I am loved, you never fail to tell me you love 

me, and at a young age you know when to say 

you're sorry and actually mean it. Today as you 

turn 7, I wish that you would always be in the best of health,  and that you 

continue to be as loving and as sweet as always. I want you to know that I 

will be here as long as you need me.  Happy Birthday Andre!



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