Monday, January 16, 2012

New Experiment: Flower Arrangement

This started out when I was scouting for a centerpiece for our table.  I was looking for ready made flower arrangements and I thought that it would probably be cheaper if I just made it myself.  I already had an idea of what I wanted, so I bought the vase and the flowers and just started putting them all together and came up with something nice.  I actually enjoyed making it and I'm already planning of doing my next flower arrangement project.  A friend told me I can start a business out of it, but I know that flower arrangement is not just putting the flowers together in a vase, there are different techniques and styles that one needs to learn in order to be professional in that field.  But for now, I'm just enjoying this new found interest, if I intend to make a career or a business out of it, we'll never know.

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