Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Sadness Spell

For some unknown reason, I have been feeling melancholic the past couple of days.  I could not exactly point out the reason why I have been feeling so "down and out".  It felt like a sadness spell was cast on me, or it must be the weather or my hormones, lol!!  So when my cousin sent me a text message inviting me to the birthday dinner of her sister, I instantly said yes.  I missed the family get together last December, and I needed to make up for not being there the last time.  

Seeing my cousins and relatives was a breath of fresh air.  It feels good to be around family.  We were all exchanging stories and anecdotes over dinner, laughing over funny stories of our childhood. There was a point when I missed being at home with my family, because dinner time was always a time for us to talk about things and share what's happening with our lives.  

I really think that going out  and being with other people did me good.  I felt recharged somehow and a little less lonely.  It was an awesome way to start my week.  So far things are running pretty well, hopefully I could say the same thing by the end of this week.  So sadness please go away, I don't want you in my life, not this year, not ever.


  1. I have spells like that too Chin, but they go away after a while. Basin preggy ka! Hehe!

  2. Hi Gay, I don't know oi, cguro hormones or maybe because my birthday is fast approaching and I'd be another year older, hehe.. But just like you, the spells do go away after a while..


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