Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Being More Organized

This year, I promised myself that I would be more organized when it comes to handling our monthly expenses, and that would include our groceries, the kids allowance, bills to pay, personal expenses, and other areas where it entails shelling out money from our pockets.  

Aside from carrying my planner with me where I am able to make notes and write down my daily expenses, I came across websites that provide "free printable planners", which includes grocery list, meal planners, to-do-lists, monthly and weekly calendars. 

It has been just a week since I started on my "being more organized"  self, and it does have its advantage.  Before going to the grocery I check whatever it is we need at home and by doing so, I am able to control myself from throwing in unnecessary items in my shopping cart, thus sticking to my budget.  I have also started out a meal plan for our meals, mostly focused on lunch and dinner.  I was not used to eating breakfasts, which I know is a bad habit. My husband too seldom eats breakfast, he only needs his coffee to jump start his day.    The kids prefer their milk and cereal for breakfast, and I make pan cakes during weekends. But we always have bread or "pan de sal" in the morning.

For now, I am actually making it a habit to always write down our daily expenses, bring my checklist with me whenever I go to the grocery, and planning out our meals so I would always know what it is I need to prepare for lunch or dinner and not just rely on canned goods and take outs.  I believe it pays to be more organized because you would be able to budget your money properly, that way there would be some extra money you can set aside for the rainy days.

These are the free printables I am using as of now.  You can  click here to get your own printable and it's absolutely free.

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