Thursday, March 29, 2012


A few months back something sad happened in my workplace.  It was pretty much unexpected and left me and my team in shock.  Who would have imagined that at one moment you were all happy and talking about your plans for the future, and in just a blink of an eye everything changed.  

When one member of the team resigns and decides to venture into other career opportunities, you wish them the best.  But when a member is suddenly cut off from the team, asked to leave without a valid reason, it's just devastating, especially if you know that the person has a family to support and losing a job is not an option.

It was a difficult time then, everyone's morale was at it's lowest.  But life has to move on, and one thing that I shared to that friend of mine is a beautiful quote I found.  It perfectly expresses what was in my heart..  That whatever life throws at us, we just have to believe that things are going to be OK.  That sometimes, no matter how we try to avoid it, change is constant, and instead of fighting it, we just need to embrace it and hope for the best.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

What it Takes to be Happy...

With my kids graduation in just a few days, I have been busy preparing for their school requirements, attending rehearsals for the presentation, looking for costumes and being a stage mom to my 2 kids.  Unfortunately my son  is upset about the whole day rehearsal because as what he said, they're just singing the same songs over and over and walking around.  

Anyway, I just wanted to share a thought for today about what it takes to be happy.  For me, to be happy is to appreciate all the things you have in your life, to be with the people you love the most... to be happy is to learn to let go of everything that has hurt  you in the past, to accept that life is not perfect and that it's OK to make mistakes sometimes.    To be happy is to live for today and not to worry about what tomorrow may bring.  

To be happy is to celebrate life by living it to the fullest, without looking back... no regrets.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Story Behind The Car Sticker

This year started out really well.  God has been good to us and I do have so many things to be thankful for.  Last February 14, 2012 we finally brought home our new car.  Technically it's second hand, but it's the first time we would be having a car we can truly call our own.  

My husband is so excited and has been buying things for the car.  Recently he won in a raffle, and half of the cash prize went to installing a car alarm system.  I don't really object because I know how hard he worked to save up for this car, as long as it's not affecting our monthly budget than it's fine with me.

Just last weekend, he asked me to accompany him to the mall to get a sticker he had ordered for the car.  So I was thinking it could either be a "Doctor on Board", "Child on Board" or MD sticker.  But when he showed me the design, I was actually surprised.  He had a "stick family" picture with our names below.  He told me, at least when people see the sticker, they would know that there's a family inside the car.  His remark made me smile, but for me what he did only shows how much he values our family, and that alone means so much to me.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My "Isaw" Cravings

For 2 straight nights, I have been craving for "isaw", the local term for grilled chicken intestines, a popular street food here in the Philippines. This craving had me going to the wet market at 7 in the morning looking for chicken intestines, since not all chicken stalls are selling them.  

I bought half kilo of intestines, and another half kilo of backbones.  I also bought a kilo of fish since I was also planning to cook tinola, which was much expensive than pork.  But since it's unhealthy to be living on meat alone so I always make it a point to have fish in our weekly menu.

So, when I got home I asked our helper to clean the intestines very well, while I prepared the marinade.  It's important to wash out whatever is inside the intestines since we all know it is not edible.  After cleaning, I had to marinate it for at least 30 minutes before finally grilling them.

I am the barbecue master in the house so I personally do the grilling, which took less than 30 minutes.  After I finished I smelled of barbecue myself so I had to shower first before enjoying lunch with my family.  

What a great way to spend a Sunday,  Thank you Lord for this wonderful day!

Lunch is Served.  Grilled Isaw & Chicken Backbones

Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Women's Day

March 8 is Women's day.  All over the globe people from all walks of life celebrate this day. A  day dedicated entirely for women.

So to all the wonderful women out there, women of substance and style, warmth and compassion, women who exude grace even under pressure... your presence has made a difference in someone's life.  May you continue to be empowered, to be inspired and to be a source of strength and love from the people around you, and everyday remind yourself that you are special.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A New Beginning

Each day is a chance for us to be better versions of what we were yesterday.  An opportunity to start again, to correct our mistakes, to learn new things, to live and enjoy life.  So be thankful for each new day that comes, for not everyone are blessed to wake up to new beginnings.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How I'd Like My Mornings

Working on graveyard shift for 3 years now, I really miss waking up in the morning with hubby and the kids. That is why I always look forward to weekends where I get to wake up to bear hugs and kisses from my two little rascals.  I don't really have much to complain since I get to spend my weekends with them and have a pretty much flexible work schedule, but I just can't help to think sometimes how wonderful it would be to start your day waking up and the first thing you see are the people you love the most. ♥ 

Monday, March 5, 2012

My Greatest Blessings

"My Greatest Blessings Call Me Mom."  This is a quote I read uploaded on Pinterest by a user.  I could not agree more.  My kids are my greatest blessings because not all women are given the chance to be mothers or to experience motherhood.  That is why I am always grateful that God has blessed me with Andre and Micah.  

As I always say, Motherhood is not an easy journey, but it is a choice that I would love to make each and everyday.  Being a mother makes me always want to do what is right, even if at times I am not sure what the right thing is.  It made me accept that sometimes I need to fail or make mistakes, but that I could always get up and try again.  Being a mother made me realize that I am capable of loving and putting others happiness ahead of my own.  

So I want to thank my kids for teaching me that I don't need to have a reason to be happy, that I could find joy in the simple things... pillow fights, bubble baths, running in the park, fixing up Barbie dolls and learning how to transform robots to cars and vice versa.  Thank you for the endless laughter and giggles, for our weekend ice cream dates that I always look forward to.., soon you would both grow up and might not need me anymore, but as long as I can still cuddle you both in my arms, please let me call you my babies because in my heart you both will always be...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

If I Could Just Fly Away...

There are days when I wish I had the power to be in a place that I want to be in just a blink of an eye. To disappear and just be by myself when everything else around me  seems crazy.

To be able to fly to places that only existed in my dreams, a place that knows no worries, no deadlines, no stress.  A place where I can be as free as the wind... even for just a while.  

If I could just fly away to my own happy place where I could clear my head and think about what matters the most, then I would have the courage to face my battles ahead, 
and the strength to go on each day, because I know that no matter how difficult life may seem, in time everything's going to be OK.

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