Monday, March 5, 2012

My Greatest Blessings

"My Greatest Blessings Call Me Mom."  This is a quote I read uploaded on Pinterest by a user.  I could not agree more.  My kids are my greatest blessings because not all women are given the chance to be mothers or to experience motherhood.  That is why I am always grateful that God has blessed me with Andre and Micah.  

As I always say, Motherhood is not an easy journey, but it is a choice that I would love to make each and everyday.  Being a mother makes me always want to do what is right, even if at times I am not sure what the right thing is.  It made me accept that sometimes I need to fail or make mistakes, but that I could always get up and try again.  Being a mother made me realize that I am capable of loving and putting others happiness ahead of my own.  

So I want to thank my kids for teaching me that I don't need to have a reason to be happy, that I could find joy in the simple things... pillow fights, bubble baths, running in the park, fixing up Barbie dolls and learning how to transform robots to cars and vice versa.  Thank you for the endless laughter and giggles, for our weekend ice cream dates that I always look forward to.., soon you would both grow up and might not need me anymore, but as long as I can still cuddle you both in my arms, please let me call you my babies because in my heart you both will always be...

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