Sunday, March 18, 2012

My "Isaw" Cravings

For 2 straight nights, I have been craving for "isaw", the local term for grilled chicken intestines, a popular street food here in the Philippines. This craving had me going to the wet market at 7 in the morning looking for chicken intestines, since not all chicken stalls are selling them.  

I bought half kilo of intestines, and another half kilo of backbones.  I also bought a kilo of fish since I was also planning to cook tinola, which was much expensive than pork.  But since it's unhealthy to be living on meat alone so I always make it a point to have fish in our weekly menu.

So, when I got home I asked our helper to clean the intestines very well, while I prepared the marinade.  It's important to wash out whatever is inside the intestines since we all know it is not edible.  After cleaning, I had to marinate it for at least 30 minutes before finally grilling them.

I am the barbecue master in the house so I personally do the grilling, which took less than 30 minutes.  After I finished I smelled of barbecue myself so I had to shower first before enjoying lunch with my family.  

What a great way to spend a Sunday,  Thank you Lord for this wonderful day!

Lunch is Served.  Grilled Isaw & Chicken Backbones

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