Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Story Behind The Car Sticker

This year started out really well.  God has been good to us and I do have so many things to be thankful for.  Last February 14, 2012 we finally brought home our new car.  Technically it's second hand, but it's the first time we would be having a car we can truly call our own.  

My husband is so excited and has been buying things for the car.  Recently he won in a raffle, and half of the cash prize went to installing a car alarm system.  I don't really object because I know how hard he worked to save up for this car, as long as it's not affecting our monthly budget than it's fine with me.

Just last weekend, he asked me to accompany him to the mall to get a sticker he had ordered for the car.  So I was thinking it could either be a "Doctor on Board", "Child on Board" or MD sticker.  But when he showed me the design, I was actually surprised.  He had a "stick family" picture with our names below.  He told me, at least when people see the sticker, they would know that there's a family inside the car.  His remark made me smile, but for me what he did only shows how much he values our family, and that alone means so much to me.


  1. awwww ka sweet ni doc ross ui... hehehehe cute btaw inyong sticker doc.. asa mo nag pa make?

  2. Hi IO, Thanks for reading my blog. He had it made sa sticker world, hehe..


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