Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our Easter Weekend Get-away

It was a last minute decision to head out somewhere for Easter Sunday.  Personally, It's no big deal whether we spend it at home, in the mall or go on a vacation.  What really matters to me is to spend the day with my family.  However my husband pretty much insisted that I look for a resort where we could spend the weekend and he had a budget set aside for that trip.  I knew I'd have a hard time looking since majority of the hotels and resorts were booked for Holy Week.  

Finally, after spending hours surfing the Internet and calling up every resort that was within the budget, I found one that still had a family suite available.  It was a water park resort in Danao City, about an hours drive from Cebu.  We initially wanted a resort that both had a pool and a beach, but I was not lucky enough to find one.  Most of the resorts were booked weeks before the Lenten season.

We arrived at the resort at about 2 in the afternoon.  I knew in an instant that the place was packed because we had a hard time looking for a parking space.  At the front desk, I had to wait for my turn because there were also other guests checking in.  After filling up the form, we were brought to our room which was spacious enough.  It had a queen size bed and 2 double beds, a small ref and a TV.  The bathroom was huge enough to fit a family of 4 in the shower all at the same time!  

The kids wanted to go to the kiddie pool which was at the Water park area, but knowing that the place was jam packed, we told them we'd go check it after dinner that evening when most of the guests not staying in the resort have left.  We settled for the pool outside our room, and I spent hours soaking in the sun watching my kids enjoy and making sure to apply sun block every now and then.  Dinner was fun, we set up a table near the pool and as promised we went to see the water park as soon as the kids finished eating.  We went straight to the kiddie pool and stayed there for about an hour before we decided to call it a night and head back to our room.

On Day 2, I rented a table inside the water park because it would be more convenient for us instead of going back to our room which was about 5 minutes walk from the main resort.  As early as 9 in the morning the kids were splashing away and enjoying the kiddie slide.  We also had fun going around their "lazy river" pool and I personally enjoyed the shooting waters coming out of the statues since the strong current had a massaging effect especially on my back.  Everyone had a good time, and the kids were heartbroken to find out we would be going home. Andre asked me if we would be coming back, and I told him there are other places that we have yet to discover.  Summer is just beginning and there would be more adventures waiting for us.  He smiled and said, "Okay let's go home na, and thank you Mommy, Andre was happy swimming in the pool, next time we'll go to the beach naman"...

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