Friday, May 11, 2012

Something Daring... Something New

It's Friday!  And I am officially making this an Instagram-Friday Blog day.  I got the inspiration from some of the blogs I am following where they would write about photos they uploaded on Instagram.  

So my very first entry would be this photo I took of myself after getting my haircut.  I have been wanting to cut my hair really short, but I was scared I would not be able to pull it off.  So I would torture myself by looking at photographs of models and actress with pixie cuts or bob cuts.  

But if you want something, it's not enough that you just say that you want it.  Sometimes you must act on it and not be afraid of how it would turn out.  

So one day, I decided to be daring and go for something I've always wanted to do.  Whatever the outcome is, at least I would know how it would turn out instead of wondering and asking myself, "what if I cut my hair short?"

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