Monday, July 23, 2012

All Will Be Well

Today I woke up feeling grateful that at last Andre is well and back to his old self.  He has been sick for almost a week, and I am not used to seeing him just sitting around or lying in bed.  The only time he ever gets up is when he needs to go to the bathroom.  

Our trips to the hospital has also been stressful.  I was just silent the whole time he was crying after a blood extraction,  and telling me he was mad at me for lying at him.  He made me promise they would not stick any needles at him at the hospital, but I broke that promise.  I told him I was sorry and just hugged him until he feel asleep, tired from crying.

What got me through each day is thinking that "all will be well".  These are little bumps in the road of life an d no matter how stressful it can be, we should never allow it to dampen ours spirits.  I do get scared when my kids get sick, but I don't allow them to see me in a panicky mode.  I would always put on a happy face and tell them that Jesus will take away whatever is making them sick and that everything will be okay.  

I have always been the optimistic type, and I have this belief that when you tell yourself that things are going to be okay, you will yourself to believe that "all will be well", and in the end somehow things do turn out to be okay... and if you're lucky they turn out to be even better.  So today and everyday, trust that all will be well.

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