Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Life as an EMR Physician:The Second Chapter

Last Monday was my first day at work, but I got the chance to meet the team when they invited me for dinner a few weeks back.  They were fun to be around with and everyone was so nice that at least I only felt a little bit nervous about being in a new work environment.

 It's just been two days since I started, and so far the only thing I am adjusting to is the travel time.  Our office is far from where I live so the travel time is quite longer than what I'm used to, but I really don't mind.  I am just so grateful that everyone has been so nice to me and made me feel really welcome.  I also got the chance to be introduced to our CEO who's based in the US and I could not believe how humble and kind he was.  He considered his employees like they were his family and he made sure that everyone was respected and treated fairly.

I am optimistic about being part of the company and to be working with a great team here.  I may not be sure about what tomorrow has in store for me, but at least today I could say that I am happy.

Dinner at Parklane Hotel with the team.

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