Friday, August 31, 2012

Just Smile

We are never free of problems.  I guess even the richest of the rich have their own worries.  But despite everything, find a reason to smile because no matter how difficult life seems to be for you, there will always be more blessings rather than burdens.

Worrying too much will give you "frown sags" according to a friend who came up with that word.  I don't want to be wrinkled and sad, I'd rather have laugh lines instead. 

 So just smile and have a happy Friday!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Better Late Than Never

I want to keep up with the photos that I need to share on my blog  so I'm giving my "personal thoughts" and "thoughts on life and love" posts a rest for today and maybe come up with something in a day or two, *wink*.

For some reason, I can't do a "same day" post of the photos we took whenever we go somewhere nice.  But I make sure I get to post it one way or the other, so here goes...

These photos were taken at Mountain View Resort in Busay.  We never got to see all the attractions in the resort because we had to walk uphill, and the kids were getting tired, but we had fun all the same.

Just arrived and starting our uphill walk.

Andre still had the energy to run around, but halfway through our uphill climb, he was starting to complain that his feet were tire, lol! 

First stop, the sleeping guard.  Don't sleep on the job,tsk, tsk!

While Micah wanted to have her picture and take in the view, Andre was in a hurry to get to the top.

Taking a rest

The photographers chance to get his photo taken :)

The view overlooking the pool.

Andre wanted to go swimming so he had this "Can i swim mommy,please?" look n his face.

Hey Mickey, why are you stone cold?

Enjoying the view of the city.

Before heading to the car, we decided to check out their tree house with a mini hanging bridge, really cool!

It was a fun afternoon, and even if I looked like a vampire (according to Micah) in some of the photos since my eyes were red and sore because it got irritated from the contact lens I wore the previous night, It did not really matter.  We had a wonderful time and that's what counts.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sharing is Caring

Sharing is something that I always teach my kids at a young age.  As much as I always remind them to share, there are instances when they get into that "I don't want to share" attitude with each other, but only when it comes to toys.  Andre does not want to see Micah playing with swords and guns because he would say that "it's for boys only".  But I am happy that they both get along well most of the time.

The reason why I am writing this post about sharing is because of one incident that happened last Monday while we were on our way to the airport to fetch Mama and Miko.  We stopped by the 7-11 store at a Caltex Station in Manduae to buy some Slurpee, because on normal hours the line would be so long that when your turn comes, the slurpee machine would stop working.  Anyway, the kids both got small cups each, and my husband got the tall cup.  I decided to pass since the flavor I wanted was not available.  The kids were both excited filling up their cups with the frozen flavored drink.  

On the way to the car, we saw three kids sitting on the pavement, I guess I made a remark about how sad that those kids were sleeping on the streets and had no home.  I was surprised when Andre offered to give his slurpee to the boy.  It was a kind gesture especially since we did not need to remind him to share, he just did it on his own.  Andre may not be good in school like kids his age, he may have difficulty with his Math and Filipino subjects, he may have his tantrums sometimes, but I am proud of him because he is a boy with a kind heart.

When we learn to share, we are teaching the othe person the value of caring   It's a simple act of kindness that when passed on from one person to another, could help change lives. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cooking Experiments on A Sunday

Sunday is when I usually would want to be adventurous when it comes to cooking, because I have more preparation time, compared when it's a week day.  I honestly just discovered I loved cooking when we moved here to Cebu.  Back home I would watch Mama cook but I never tried cooking something fancy.  I was more of an eater than a cook,

For today, I wanted to prepare a beef recipe a friend gave me.  It was quite simple, but I guess the challenge would be making sure the beef was tender and getting the right amount of creaminess into it.  I also came up with my own dessert, and named it too!

I first marinated the beef and spiced it up before having it boil until it was tender.  Afterwards, I added the sliced mushroom, the cream and simmered it. 

Here's what we had for lunch, Creamy Beef and Mushroom, and Sweet Corn Sago surprise for dessert.  
Till next week.  Happy Sunday :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Have A Happy Long Weekend!

It's Saturday and I'm so excited because it is another looooong weekend.  What are your plans?  Whatever it is, hope you enjoy your weekend because I know I will.

So today, I'm keeping it short and simple.  Whatever it is that is happening in your life, always find a way to be happy.  Let go of all the things that are making you sad.  Always remember that YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY!

Friday, August 24, 2012

People I Want To Be With

Do you know the people in your life that you think is worth keeping?  We meet so many new friends or acquaintances as we go through life, but sadly not everyone is a keeper.  I don't want to sound harsh or cruel, but that there are certain people that I try to avoid, simply because being around them has a negative effect on me.  

I am sharing my list of "people I want to be with":

I want to be with people who appreciates their life and lives it.  
I want to be around people I could laugh with over silly things. 

I want to be around people who would offer a shoulder for me  to cry on when I need one. 

I want to be with people who agrees to disagree with me sometimes. 

I want to be with people who would be honest enough to tell me if I look fat in the dress I am wearing.

I want to be around people who knows what they want and fights for it.

I want to be around people who accepts me as I am and not change me into something I am not.

The reason I came up with the list of the "people I want to be around with" is not because I am still searching for them, but because I am blessed to already have those "people" in my life that are worth keeping.  If you think that there are people in your life that are bringing you down or turning you into something you're not, try talking to them and tell them how you feel.  If they turn against you, then try to let them go, trust me, you don't need people like them in your life.  

We should surround ourselves with people who would bring out the best in us, people who would inspire us to do what is right, people who would motivate and encourage us to be better each day. These are the people worth keeping.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just Let It Pass

Sometimes, the best way to avoid an argument is by learning to let go of the small things.  Why ruin a beautiful moment by complaining about petty things just so you could have something to whine about?!  If it's not a matter of life and death, or if it's just something that you want to say just for the sake of expressing how you feel about something, irregardless of how others would feel, then for goodness sake, just keep it to yourself!

We often think about ourselves and forget about the bigger picture.  Letting off steam would make us feel better, but what about the others?  How many relationships have been tainted or ruined because of arguments over trivial things?  Remember, small things become bigger things when blown out of proportion.  There was one occasion when I was waiting for my husband to pick me up from work because we were going to a movie with the kids.  I specifically mentioned the time, but then they arrived about an hour late.  I was really pissed off from waiting, I was about ready to say my piece but when I went inside the car, my kids were there with those happy faces, all eager to watch the movie.  As much as I wanted to ask why they were late, I chose to just let it pass.  I also did not get any explanation, but then I decided no harm was done and so might as well let it go.  But sadly, not everyone has that same way of thinking.  

Maybe we can practice to breathe and let the small things go, that way we could save ourselves from stress and at the same time prevent relationships from being broken.  Don't sweat over the small stuff.  So for today, tell yourself to breathe and let it pass! ♥

Monday, August 20, 2012

My Period Tracker

I visit  Google Play every now and then to check on android applications that I could download for my phone.  Aside from a few games and some social media apps, one of my favorite is my "Period Tracker".  I find it very useful because it allows me to document when my period started, as well as when the next projected date for my period would be.  It also marks off days on your calender when you are fertile, and flowers would start growing on the branches of the tree, which I find really cute by the way :)

For those mommies with a regular monthly period, this would be very useful because then you would know when you are safe or not, I think you know what I mean.  You can also add notes or any symptoms you are feeling, and it comes with really cute icons.  

So try checking out the period tracker, you just might find it useful.  I know I did! :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

What's New?!

I am very much excited about having my own domain name!  Thanks to Albee and Jorge for helping me from purchase to setting up the new domain name.  I insisted on sticking it out with my old blog design because one of the creators of Leelou Blogs where I got my template design (Julie Macdonald) really went out of her way to send me a reply when I had some inquiries.  Honestly I'm happy with how my blog looks so no plans of changing it as of the moment.  I was worried because some of the links appear to be broken, but they tell me it's normal because the IP address where the domain is linked is still updating. So I'll give it a few more days before I start to freak out, kidding!

The only thing new about my blog, except for my own domain name  is that I changed my social media icons, it now has a button for Instagram, and what's good is that you can get it  online for FREE!! It comes in 12 colors and are really cute.  So for those who might be interested with these buttons, you can check them out here and then go to the freebies section. The original size was around 72 x 72 pixels so I had to re-size them so all 6 buttons would fit in one row.  Thanks to Carrie for sharing them!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

When Loving Brings You Pain

Crazy as it sounds, but for me a person can say that he or she has truly loved when they have been hurt or when they have felt the pain just by loving someone.  It does not necessarily need to be a great deal of pain, but even just the slightest disappointment you feel when he forgot to call you when he said he would, or the hint of jealousy when he starts to notice other women aside from you.  It is a sign that you are starting to feel for that person.

When you love someone, you make yourself vulnerable to so many emotions.  It can either help you be more mature or it can also break you into pieces.  Do we really need to get hurt in the process of loving someone?  Not necessarily, but you should always be ready to accept that with love, comes pain.  Because if you think that loving or being in a relationship is always happiness and sunshine, then you must have been living in a world of make believe.  

What I think we should always remember, is that getting hurt is a natural process.  We all go through pain at some point in our lives, but does that mean that we should give up loving someone completely?  Definitely NOT.  Holding on when things get difficult somehow measures how we love someone.  The reason I am saying this is personally that is how I am.  

I guess we can justify the pain when we see that being with the one who hurt us would eventually change the person for the better.  But if there is no more loving and you only feel the pain, then it's better to let go while you still can, because you might just be too broken to even pick up the pieces for yourself.

Monday, August 13, 2012


Yesterday I decided to clean up my PC and delete some old files that were stored to free some memory space.  I stumbled on a folder with some of our old photos, and remembered that this was where I saved the photo collage that I intended to post here in my blog, which unfortunately I was not able to.  

Anyway, before I totally forget about it again, I am posting these photos here.  Although these were taken months back, they are still worth sharing.

I took pictures of Micah while Daddy was busy trying on some polo shirts.  Too bad, I should have taken his picture too, lol!

After running around IT park, we decided to grab something to eat, and headed for Krispy Kreme which was right across where we parked.

During our weekend outing in Moalboal.  

Looking at each of them brings back happy memories which is a really good way to start my day.  
Happy Monday everyone!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Weekend Projects: Braided Scarf

A few of my friends have inspired me to jump into the DIY band wagon.  Although I have created some of my own DIY projects in the past, they were more on gift ideas or house decorations, this is actually the first time I would be making stuff that are fashion related.

So my first project was a braided scarf.  If you know how to braid someone's hair, then this would be very easy for you.  I wanted to use an old shirt, but did not like the colors so I opted to buy a cloth which turned out to be the wrong one.  But I did not want to waste the cloth so I decided to go with my braided scarf which actually turned out okay.  

My daughter eagerly modeled it for me. The braided scarf also can be used as a head band.  I would try to post a more detailed blog when I get my hands on the right fabric, hopefully this weekend.  I am also  playing around with polymer clay and would try to make some accessories out of it.  Will be posting them soon.

Micah was so excited that she wore her pink tube top and gray shorts to match the color of the scarf/headband.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Changing Covers

Since Facebook launched "Timeline" I have been getting mixed reactions from my friends who use this social networking site.  It's interesting how you can trace back how you started using FB because your profile would actually give you a "timeline" of when you joined the site, as well as events in your life.  

For those changing their status, it would mark the day you went from "single" to "in a relationship".  It's also allowing us to document our educational history and work history.  So for those getting in and out of jobs, I suggest just don't update your work profile because potential employers who might chance upon your account might wonder why you changed jobs 4 times in one year! I know someone I'm just not telling who, lol!  Others find it confusing and cluttered.  There are those who find it just OK.

Personally, I didn't have any objections to Facebook re-inventing their look.  They may say that it's a way of making FB more personal because you can share your life story, but I think it's more of a marketing strategy because with timeline they have more spaces to place ads and commercials. If there is one thing I enjoy about the new look is because I could customize my Facebook cover from time to time. It brings out the creative side in me I guess.  Just recently I created a new cover and I am really happy with it.  It has buttons of social media sites that I use, customized my photo to have that Polaroid effect and added a line that pretty much sums up what I believe in, "Live simply, Love Fully".

 I love FB because it keeps me connected with my family and friends, and somehow catch up on what's going on with their lives.  But I guess we have to remember that no amount of status posts, shout outs, likes or comments can compare to really reaching out to those we love and spending meaningful moments with them.  It's good to post happy thoughts and share moments captured on film, but remember never to miss out on the opportunity to let others know how special they are. :)

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