Thursday, August 30, 2012

Better Late Than Never

I want to keep up with the photos that I need to share on my blog  so I'm giving my "personal thoughts" and "thoughts on life and love" posts a rest for today and maybe come up with something in a day or two, *wink*.

For some reason, I can't do a "same day" post of the photos we took whenever we go somewhere nice.  But I make sure I get to post it one way or the other, so here goes...

These photos were taken at Mountain View Resort in Busay.  We never got to see all the attractions in the resort because we had to walk uphill, and the kids were getting tired, but we had fun all the same.

Just arrived and starting our uphill walk.

Andre still had the energy to run around, but halfway through our uphill climb, he was starting to complain that his feet were tire, lol! 

First stop, the sleeping guard.  Don't sleep on the job,tsk, tsk!

While Micah wanted to have her picture and take in the view, Andre was in a hurry to get to the top.

Taking a rest

The photographers chance to get his photo taken :)

The view overlooking the pool.

Andre wanted to go swimming so he had this "Can i swim mommy,please?" look n his face.

Hey Mickey, why are you stone cold?

Enjoying the view of the city.

Before heading to the car, we decided to check out their tree house with a mini hanging bridge, really cool!

It was a fun afternoon, and even if I looked like a vampire (according to Micah) in some of the photos since my eyes were red and sore because it got irritated from the contact lens I wore the previous night, It did not really matter.  We had a wonderful time and that's what counts.

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