Friday, August 3, 2012

Changing Covers

Since Facebook launched "Timeline" I have been getting mixed reactions from my friends who use this social networking site.  It's interesting how you can trace back how you started using FB because your profile would actually give you a "timeline" of when you joined the site, as well as events in your life.  

For those changing their status, it would mark the day you went from "single" to "in a relationship".  It's also allowing us to document our educational history and work history.  So for those getting in and out of jobs, I suggest just don't update your work profile because potential employers who might chance upon your account might wonder why you changed jobs 4 times in one year! I know someone I'm just not telling who, lol!  Others find it confusing and cluttered.  There are those who find it just OK.

Personally, I didn't have any objections to Facebook re-inventing their look.  They may say that it's a way of making FB more personal because you can share your life story, but I think it's more of a marketing strategy because with timeline they have more spaces to place ads and commercials. If there is one thing I enjoy about the new look is because I could customize my Facebook cover from time to time. It brings out the creative side in me I guess.  Just recently I created a new cover and I am really happy with it.  It has buttons of social media sites that I use, customized my photo to have that Polaroid effect and added a line that pretty much sums up what I believe in, "Live simply, Love Fully".

 I love FB because it keeps me connected with my family and friends, and somehow catch up on what's going on with their lives.  But I guess we have to remember that no amount of status posts, shout outs, likes or comments can compare to really reaching out to those we love and spending meaningful moments with them.  It's good to post happy thoughts and share moments captured on film, but remember never to miss out on the opportunity to let others know how special they are. :)

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