Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cooking Experiments on A Sunday

Sunday is when I usually would want to be adventurous when it comes to cooking, because I have more preparation time, compared when it's a week day.  I honestly just discovered I loved cooking when we moved here to Cebu.  Back home I would watch Mama cook but I never tried cooking something fancy.  I was more of an eater than a cook,

For today, I wanted to prepare a beef recipe a friend gave me.  It was quite simple, but I guess the challenge would be making sure the beef was tender and getting the right amount of creaminess into it.  I also came up with my own dessert, and named it too!

I first marinated the beef and spiced it up before having it boil until it was tender.  Afterwards, I added the sliced mushroom, the cream and simmered it. 

Here's what we had for lunch, Creamy Beef and Mushroom, and Sweet Corn Sago surprise for dessert.  
Till next week.  Happy Sunday :)

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