Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just Let It Pass

Sometimes, the best way to avoid an argument is by learning to let go of the small things.  Why ruin a beautiful moment by complaining about petty things just so you could have something to whine about?!  If it's not a matter of life and death, or if it's just something that you want to say just for the sake of expressing how you feel about something, irregardless of how others would feel, then for goodness sake, just keep it to yourself!

We often think about ourselves and forget about the bigger picture.  Letting off steam would make us feel better, but what about the others?  How many relationships have been tainted or ruined because of arguments over trivial things?  Remember, small things become bigger things when blown out of proportion.  There was one occasion when I was waiting for my husband to pick me up from work because we were going to a movie with the kids.  I specifically mentioned the time, but then they arrived about an hour late.  I was really pissed off from waiting, I was about ready to say my piece but when I went inside the car, my kids were there with those happy faces, all eager to watch the movie.  As much as I wanted to ask why they were late, I chose to just let it pass.  I also did not get any explanation, but then I decided no harm was done and so might as well let it go.  But sadly, not everyone has that same way of thinking.  

Maybe we can practice to breathe and let the small things go, that way we could save ourselves from stress and at the same time prevent relationships from being broken.  Don't sweat over the small stuff.  So for today, tell yourself to breathe and let it pass! ♥

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