Friday, August 24, 2012

People I Want To Be With

Do you know the people in your life that you think is worth keeping?  We meet so many new friends or acquaintances as we go through life, but sadly not everyone is a keeper.  I don't want to sound harsh or cruel, but that there are certain people that I try to avoid, simply because being around them has a negative effect on me.  

I am sharing my list of "people I want to be with":

I want to be with people who appreciates their life and lives it.  
I want to be around people I could laugh with over silly things. 

I want to be around people who would offer a shoulder for me  to cry on when I need one. 

I want to be with people who agrees to disagree with me sometimes. 

I want to be with people who would be honest enough to tell me if I look fat in the dress I am wearing.

I want to be around people who knows what they want and fights for it.

I want to be around people who accepts me as I am and not change me into something I am not.

The reason I came up with the list of the "people I want to be around with" is not because I am still searching for them, but because I am blessed to already have those "people" in my life that are worth keeping.  If you think that there are people in your life that are bringing you down or turning you into something you're not, try talking to them and tell them how you feel.  If they turn against you, then try to let them go, trust me, you don't need people like them in your life.  

We should surround ourselves with people who would bring out the best in us, people who would inspire us to do what is right, people who would motivate and encourage us to be better each day. These are the people worth keeping.

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