Monday, August 13, 2012


Yesterday I decided to clean up my PC and delete some old files that were stored to free some memory space.  I stumbled on a folder with some of our old photos, and remembered that this was where I saved the photo collage that I intended to post here in my blog, which unfortunately I was not able to.  

Anyway, before I totally forget about it again, I am posting these photos here.  Although these were taken months back, they are still worth sharing.

I took pictures of Micah while Daddy was busy trying on some polo shirts.  Too bad, I should have taken his picture too, lol!

After running around IT park, we decided to grab something to eat, and headed for Krispy Kreme which was right across where we parked.

During our weekend outing in Moalboal.  

Looking at each of them brings back happy memories which is a really good way to start my day.  
Happy Monday everyone!

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