Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sharing is Caring

Sharing is something that I always teach my kids at a young age.  As much as I always remind them to share, there are instances when they get into that "I don't want to share" attitude with each other, but only when it comes to toys.  Andre does not want to see Micah playing with swords and guns because he would say that "it's for boys only".  But I am happy that they both get along well most of the time.

The reason why I am writing this post about sharing is because of one incident that happened last Monday while we were on our way to the airport to fetch Mama and Miko.  We stopped by the 7-11 store at a Caltex Station in Manduae to buy some Slurpee, because on normal hours the line would be so long that when your turn comes, the slurpee machine would stop working.  Anyway, the kids both got small cups each, and my husband got the tall cup.  I decided to pass since the flavor I wanted was not available.  The kids were both excited filling up their cups with the frozen flavored drink.  

On the way to the car, we saw three kids sitting on the pavement, I guess I made a remark about how sad that those kids were sleeping on the streets and had no home.  I was surprised when Andre offered to give his slurpee to the boy.  It was a kind gesture especially since we did not need to remind him to share, he just did it on his own.  Andre may not be good in school like kids his age, he may have difficulty with his Math and Filipino subjects, he may have his tantrums sometimes, but I am proud of him because he is a boy with a kind heart.

When we learn to share, we are teaching the othe person the value of caring   It's a simple act of kindness that when passed on from one person to another, could help change lives. 

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  1. Aww. So cute. It's always nice to see kindness in people, especially in children. :)


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